Boris Abalyan is an innovator in choral music, a well-respected educator, and one of the most famous conductors working in Russia today.

Born in 1947, Abalyan pursued a career in music from a very early age, eventually graduating from the Glinka School of Music and the Rimsky-Korsakov St. Petersburg Conservatory with a Master of Fine Arts degree in choral conducting.

In 1987, he founded the Lege Artis Chamber Choir, a professional choir group that went on to win five major international competitions. His success with Lege Artis is also evident in countless featured performances worldwide, 19 internationally distributed CD recordings, five with Sony Classical, conductorship as well as jury membership in prestigious choir competitions, and work broadcasted on several radio stations, including National Public Radio.

Boris Abalyan is also the recipient of several national awards, including the coveted Honored Artist of Russia award, a national honor that is distributed to only a select few each year. Abalyan has truly established himself as a cultural asset to Russia through his heavily decorated career.

In 2007, Abalyan was named chief conductor of the Gracias Choir, helping them further rise to international acclaim. Under the guidance of Abalyan, Gracias Choir recently won their first international choir competition.

Boris Abalyan currently teaches choral conducting at the St. Petersburg Conservatory and Rimsky-Korsakov College in Music, both in St. Petersburg, Russia, along with splitting time between conducting for his two choirs in Russia and Korea.

Noteworthy Accomplishments
  • Master of Fine Arts in Choral Conducting, St. Petersburg Conservatory
  • Choral Conducting professor at the St. Petersburg Conservatory
  • Founder and Head Conductor of the Lege Artis Chamber Choir
  • Chief Conductor of the Gracias Choir
  • 6 First Prizes in international choir competitions with Lege Artis and Gracias Choir
  • 19 professionally recorded music albums, 5 released with Sony Classical
  • Honored Artist of Russia
  • Deserved Artist of the RSFSR
  • Recipient of the Russian Federation Certificate of Medals for the 300th Anniversary of St. Petersburg
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