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Broadcasting & Internet Ministry

One of the dreams that Pastor Park had early on in his ministry was to cover the world with the Gospel through broadcasting. Even in the midst of hunger and cold, Pastor Park prayed not for food or heat, but that the message of Jesus Christ’s precious sacrifice would spread to any place that had a radio signal or airwave.

30 years later, Pastor Park’s ministry not only effectively utilizes radio and television, but a pioneering internet presence that incorporates traditional sermon broadcasting with the latest interactive technology. The Good News Mission has made a deep impact in this field for the past ten years, being one of the first ministries to incorporate the web into their broadcasting mix. “Cyber Fellowship with Pastor Ock Soo Park” was created as an online television show that showcases a unique multimedia-based format.

Most recently, Pastor Park established Good News TV in Korea (GNTV) and the Good News Broadcasting System (GBS) in Kenya with the hopes of spreading the Gospel to even larger audiences, made up of segmented, hard-to-reach demographics.

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