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Gospel Classes & Bible Conferences

Gospel classes are opportunities to discover the depth of God’s love and the intricacies surrounding the sacrifice of Jesus Christ to perfect God’s righteousness in mankind. Gospel classes are led by knowledgeable, experienced servants of God, including Pastor Ock Soo Park, so that people can gain a detailed and insightful understanding of what exactly true forgiveness of sins, repentance, and faith entail. These special classes have been developed to fit any event through seminar-style discussions, classroom lectures, large hall sessions, and/or intimate one-on-one fellowship. They certainly have been the difference in people who formally may have understood the notion of salvation, but lacked the Scriptural foundations to have faith.

Bible conferences are also held regularly throughout the Mission’s domestic ministry, as well as in its overseas branches. Just like Zacchaeus was brought down from the sycamore tree by Jesus Christ, these Bible conferences serve as the communal events that bring everyone under the shade of the Gospel. For those that thirst for the truth, or long to gain lasting peace in their souls, the sermons of Pastor Park and the easy, graceful messages of salvation and righteousness he brings to the podium have completely changed the lives of countless individuals everywhere. The Bible Crusade at the Manhattan Center is considered the culmination of each year’s international conference activities within the Mission.

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