Introducing the Gracias Choir

Imagine apostle Paul praising God in the prison at Philippi, the gratitude of the woman caught in adultery who was saved by Jesus Christ from imminent death, the healing of the man with the 38-year infirmity, as well as the lame beggar by the gate of the temple named Beautiful. Imagine how thankful they were from being made whole again.

In the Bible, we see how God worked in so many people, but at the same time, cannot fathom those sounds or the magnitude of their praises. In its stead, we have the Gracias Choir, a group of musicians and singers that reaches deep into their souls to express a heart of true appreciation for the grace of God.

The Gracias Choir lest us experience the praises we were once unable to hear: the joy-filled echoes of the saints and servants that God has touched in the past.

The Mission of Gracias Choir

Gracias Choir was formed in 2001 with the mission of expressing the spirit that overflows with thankfulness towards God through music. Everyone goes through trouble and pain in life, but just as Jesus changed water into wine, He has transformed the suffering of each member of the Gracias Choir into joy and beautiful praise. Gracias Choir delivers this heart of renewal to audiences everywhere that they, too, may foster the same heart for God.

The History

Aug. 2001
Kenya Nairobi City Hall, Ghana National Theater
Apr. 2002
Cine Teatro Gran Rivadavia, Argentina
Aug. 2003
Ebell Theater, LA
Jan. 2005
Christmas Cantata at the Sydney Town Hall, Australia
Jul. 2005
Seoul City Hall Plaza, Korea
Jan. 2006
World Music Concert at Waikiki Shell, Hawaii
Jul. 2006
Artist Concert at Seoul Arts Center, Korea
Nov. 2006-2008
Bible Crusade at Madison Square Garden, New York
Jun. 2004-2008
IYF World Camp Opening Ceremony at Seoul Olympic Gymnastics Stadium, Korea
Dec. 2007
Les Petits Chanteurs a la croix de bois performance with Gracias Choir at Sejong Center, Korea
Jan. 2008
Christmas Cantata at Sydney Opera House, Australia
Aug. 2008
World Peace Festival at Moi Stadium, Kenya
Feb. 2009
Christmas Cantata at Teatro del Banco Central, Paraguay
Apr. 2009
Christmas Cantata at Manhattan Center Studios Hammerstein Ballroom, New York
Jul. 2009
200th Anniversary of the Death of Joseph Haydn, Haydn Hall, Austria
Jul. 2009
Grand Prize winner of the Jeju International Choir Festival
Jan. 2010
Christmas Cantata at Asia World-Expo, Hong Kong
Feb. 2010
Christmas Cantata at Paraguayuan Presidential Palace, Palacio de López
Apr. 2010
Bible Crusade at Manhattan Center, New York / Civic Center, Atlanta / Roosevelt Hotel, Atlanta
Apr. 2010
Seoul Olympic Park Stadium Seminar
May. - Sep. 2010
IYF World Camp in Philippines, Russia, Cambodia, Mongolia, and South Korea, Los Angeles, Jamaica
Jul. 2010
IYF Artist Concert in South Korea
Aug. - Sep. 2010
Christmas Cantata in Africa: Ghana, Togo, Benin, Nigeria, Cameroun, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, Malawi
Sep. 2010
Christmas Cantata at UCLA Royce Hall, Los Angeles
Oct. 2010
Bible Crusade at Plymouth Church of the Pilgrims, New York
Nov. 2010
Busan International Choral Festival Award
Nov. 2010
Joint performance with Bassiona Amorosa International Double Bass Ensemble
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