Letter of Invitation

"Jesus became the Lord of my heart when I was freed from myself."

I attended church ever since I was a child. But, I became indulged in sin as I grew older, and I repented for my sins early each morning by following the instructions the church gave me. After some time, I found myself continually repeating the same, daily process of sinning and repenting, sinning and repenting. One day, I saw my image that was shown through the Scripture, I realized how evil I was, and denied myself. The reason why I constantly fell, again and again, while trying to fight against sin was because I had not denied myself. Only then, did I come to know that I was a mass of sin.

Jesus became the Lord of my heart when I was freed from myself. I was easily freed from sin and able to live a holy life because it was Jesus that was fighting against sin for me. With this realization as the foundation of my ministry, I preached the Gospel to many people. Since then, many have changed and started new lives.

Peter and Judas Iscariot both felt remorse because of their sin. However, Peter realized sinning was all he was capable of doing and denied himself, while the only thing Judas Iscariot did was harbor resentment for his sin of selling Jesus to the Pharisees. This distinguished Peter path of salvation from Iscariot’s descent into destruction. Through the Bible Crusade, my hope is that, like myself, many people will become freed from sin.

Pastor Ock Soo Park

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