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Mission History

Pastor Park founded the Good News Mission in 1962 for the purpose of spreading the true Gospel of Jesus Christ to every region of the world. Park graduated from the Shield of Faith Missionary School in 1962 and was ordained pastor in 1971.He began his ministry in 1973.

The Good News Mission Church Missionary School was established in 1976. The Missionary School has since trained, graduated, and dispatched approximately 700 ministers, and the Mission has established nearly 300 churches and branch missions in over 70 countries.

The Mission organized its first grand Bible conference in 1986 in Pusan, South Korea. Since then, countless conferences have been held in every major continent in countries such as the United States, Japan, Kenya, Ghana, Argentina, Peru, Russia, Germany, and the United Kingdom.

The Mission is also heavily involved in a dynamic offering of Gospel ministries, including publications, audio and video broadcasting, online ministry, youth development, and overseas volunteer service opportunities for collegiate students. The latter two initiatives are executed through International Youth Fellowship (IYF), a worldwide youth organization devoted to developing leadership and spiritual life.

The Good News Mission is currently headquartered in Seoul, South Korea and oversees all its domestic ministry, missions work, alternative ministries, and student volunteer initiatives.

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