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Prison and Military Outreach

In early stages of Pastor Ock Soo Park’s ministry, a visit to a leper’s village revealed to him the tragedies that exist in society’s underbelly. He saw that it were those people who needed the forgiveness of sins and joy of salvation the most. Those trips were followed with Bible Conferences in prisons, where he preached to inmates, particularly those on death row. Many of the prisoners who heard the truth of the Gospel from Pastor Park re-entered society with new outlooks on life, filled with God’s grace that was made more real to them from having been in captivity. Among them many went on to graduate from the Good News Mission Missionary School and are still serving as pastors and missionaries who are preaching to those that are in the same position they were.

Another concern was that the suicide rates among young Korean men have soared in recent years due to depression and andxiety from having to serve a mandatory two-year stint in the military. Alarmed at this growing trend, Pastor Park set out to reach out to these troops and show them that only the Gospel can dispel their sadness and dissatisfaction. The Army Headquarters of Korea recognized Pastor Park’s efforts, as well as witnessed a change in the morale among their troops. Therefore, the Korean Armed Forces had appointed Pastor Ock Soo Park as an official TI&E speaker for the Korea’s Army Headquarters, allowing this special ministry to flourish with each passing year.

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