We were very thankful as the five teams concluded their month long Children's Evangelistic Conference. When we had first set out, we had nothing. We didn't even have transportation fare and so endured much hardship. We waved our hands towards passing trucks, asking for a ride, and we didn't eat properly. However, when we returned, we received food and money from the churches, as well as many testimonies in our hearts. As the brothers and sisters preached the gospel, they were extremely thankful and happy as they saw that God was with them. While battling the heat for a month, it's true that everyone was tired and things were difficult, but due to the happiness through the testimonies the Lord gave us, and the children receiving salvation and change, we were happy and thankful. 

Through The 66 Books Of The Bible, God Gives Promise To The Lowly And Weak 
Christians gain happiness in their lives through the Word of God. For us, the lowly and weak people, God provides us with promises through the 66 books of the Bible. Each Word of the promise can't help but to bring hope and joy. 
Another happiness in Christians, is the joy experienced when gaining a person who is lost in sin by preaching the gospel. It is a great joy to see that person break free from sin and become happy and changed, having become holy, righteous, and clean. That happiness can not be compared to any other in this world. I still ask my church members, "If you're not a pastor, with what joy do you live in this world?" 
While I preach the gospel in the position of a pastor, gospel preacher, since Satan hates the gospel and people receiving salvation, he goes against us and does many works that oppose us. That is why, while preaching the gospel, I endured being despised, treated with contempt, cursed, and persecuted. Until people receive salvation and the gospel, even though they may attend church, their hearts are led by Satan and they are caught in their fleshly thoughts. 
However, if they receive forgiveness of sin and salvation, the Holy Spirit enters their hearts and brings down the wall of sin. Therefore, the way they talk and the way they think has changed. Not only this, they were endlessly happy and thankful to us who had preached the gospel to them. The lives of those who became saved surprisingly changed. They were people who tried hard not to sin while living a filthy, dirty, and evil life, unable to break free from their sin. But as they received the grace of God's spirit, their hearts naturally changed. When preaching the gospel, the process of a person becoming born again is difficult. However, when people receive the gospel, they change. Whenever they experience those who lived a reckless life within sin and pain become born again and changed anew, the ministers felt a great joy that could not all be expressed in words. 

A Witnessing Group's Quarrel 
The returning witnessing groups gathered and presented gifts, food, and money, as we sat around in a room, oblivious to time passing, giving testimonies of thanks to God. Although it is true they underwent many difficulties, but each time things were hard, God worked. While thinking upon this, we were thankful to the point of tears before God. 
Among our witnessing teams, there was one team that got into a dispute with a church pastor while witnessing. The pastor said, "We have to keep the law. Because we have sin, we must diligently confess for our sins to be cleansed every day." But our mission team responded by saying, "That isn't true! As Jesus was crucified on the cross, He had cleansed our sin as white as snow. So there is nothing more we have to do in regards to our sin. Because Jesus had already fulfilled all this, if there is something we must do for our sin, it is to believe that Jesus has made us clean." This caused a slight quarrel. That witnessing team moved on to another church after completing the Bible conference, but they had experienced an unexpected incident. When they went to the next church and opened the doors, the pastor came out with a smirk and said, "We know you. You folks are heretics. You cannot come to our church," and dismissed the witnessing team. Our witnessing team couldn't help but to be turned away. The pastor who our witnessing team had quarreled with called the other church pastor and told him that we were heretics and not to let us in. So the three people who were in the witnessing team were turned away with bags in hand. 

Underneath The Tree God Has Prepared And Mr. Lee's House 
They said they were so fatigued that they went to the mountains and took a nap. They had slept and woke up after a long while and prayed, "God, please open the doors for us to preach the gospel to the people of this town and the church goers here." Afterwards, they entered the town and found a huge tree in a field in the middle of town, and in the shade of that tree, there were kids playing. Our teachers gathered those kids and taught them hymns and the Bible. 
As soon as it turned evening, after the Bible study was over, all the kids returned home. Our witnessing team teachers had no where to go and so they just sat beneath the tree in the shade. Just then, as Mr. Lee, who lived in the town, was passing by, he saw our witnessing team. When he saw these strangers sitting underneath the town tree, he approached them and asked, “Who are you folks, why did you come to our town and what do you do?" 
"To tell you the truth, we were invited to this town to hold a children's Bible seminar, but the church pastor had dismissed us. And because we have no where to go, we are sitting here." 
Mr. Lee was surprised. 
"What! Kick out guests of our town? Especially when the church invited you? The pastor kicked out people who came because they were invited? Let's go. Let's go to my house." 
So, our witnessing team went to Mr. Lee's house. Mr. Lee told his wife and she prepared a nice dinner for the team. After the brothers and sisters ate dinner, after having not eaten all day, Mr. Lee made a call to the pastor. 
"Pastor, these people have come here, is all this true?" 
"Yes, it is." 
"Why did you dismiss them?" 
"They are heretics so we cannot accept them in our church." 
"What, pastor! Then you shouldn't have invited them in the first place. They are guests in our town, and the church is the one to kick them out, does this make sense?" 

The Fight 
The next morning, they had gone back out to the tree. The church was holding a Bible school, and so was our witnessing team, so aside from all the elders' and deacons' children, the rest gathered beneath the tree.
Starting from the morning time, our witnessing team taught the children hymns and motions and preached the gospel. Nearly all the children did not go to the church Bible school, but came to see our witnessing team. The next day, the pastor saw our witnessing team teaching the children underneath the tree. Upon seeing this sight, he opened his heart and said, "I'm sorry. I'm at fault. Let's go to our church and have the Bible seminar." That is how our witnessing team was able to preach the gospel at that church. 
The Holy Spirit worked wondrously. That church pastor also realized, "Ah, this is the real truth. Yes, it's true that our sins have been washed. If Jesus was crucified upon the cross, then our sins should be cleansed. If our sins remain even though Jesus died on the cross then that isn't salvation." He had received salvation and the entire congregation. 

There Is A Reason For Wanting To Live One's Entire Life Only For The Gospel 
Unaware that time was passing, we shared testimonies with one another. While preaching the gospel, it was difficult. There was persecution, and it's true that we were tired, but when I saw one precious life receive salvation through foolish people like us, I was extremely thankful and glorified God. 
Although it may be difficult, I would like to live my entire life for the gospel. I want to stand before God having died while preaching the gospel. There is happiness only within this gospel. I also know that true peace and hope is within this gospel. From the day I began preaching the gospel till this very day, the Lord has protected me. And, through the gospel, He has given me fruits and worked when I preached. I give thanks before the living God.

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