Through God’s grace, we had a beautiful daughter 
we named her, Eun-sook. From a humanistic standpoint, there are many things like formula that have to be bought for a newly born baby. This was a reason to be concerned. However, there was a reason that I was not worried. It was because I believed that God would provide for Eun-sook’s needs just as He had led me until now. Of course, at times, things were difficult, and there were times I didn’t have enough money for formula. The interesting thing, however, was that God prepared everything for Eun-sook every time. 

Eun-sook was born at the Seoul Hanil Hospital 
at that time, I hadn’t a single penny in my pocket. There were many things Eun-sook needed, like formula, blankets, a carriage, etc. But as I told you once before, that evening, my sister-in-law came over and told us that it was her pay day. She happily bought all those things, and all our needs were supplied. 

Another problem was that a few days after checking out of the hospital, we had to return to Kimcheon, but we didn’t have the fare to get back. One by one, the days passed, but we didn’t have any money. As a result, we couldn’t make a plan to go back. On the other hand, that didn’t mean we could just stay at my in-laws house for years. I had to return to Kimcheon and preach the gospel. 

Then one day, I met a missionary by chance. He was speaking to me, and while we were talking, he mentioned that he was going to Daegu by car. So I asked him, “Ah, is that right? Then may I ask you a favor?” 
“What is the favor? Please tell me.” 
“Did you know, my wife just had a baby?” 
“Yes, I did.” 
“Right now I have to go down to Kimcheon. Do you think you can drive my wife and I to Kimcheon?” 
Upon hearing my request, the missionary was very happy. 
“Ah, that’s great. It’s a hassle to take the baby to the station, I will drive you.” 

I was tearfully grateful to the missionary. It is very difficult to carry baby bottles, diapers, baby carriage, and many other things while boarding and exiting trains, as well as changing routes. That missionary, however, came all the way over to our in-laws’ house and happily put the luggage in the trunk. The missionary sat in the front and my wife and I sat in the back. This allowed my wife to carry the baby. When we arrived in Kimcheon, I couldn’t dare ask the missionary to drive me the entire way home. As a result, I asked him to let us off at the small rest area along the roadside next to the Kimcheon Girls High School. That is how we were able to safely travel from Seoul to Kimcheon. 

Although we raised our child, I never once thought that it was we who raised her. It was extremely difficult for us to even survive. There were times that we went hungry. After Eun-sook was born, God provided what Eun-sook needed and even sent snacks. 
Once, when I went to Daegu, Sister Yoo said, “Pastor, give this to Eun-sook,” and gave me a box. Inside the box was baby food. It was food I had never fed my daughter before. Back then, those things gave me great joy and I was very grateful. 

Through Eun-sook being born into our family, there were more things to laugh about, and many more joyous events. People adored Eun-sook, and gave her piggy back rides, and carried her often. It was as if a new flower had blossomed in our house. 

On the night we had finished moving to Padong, in Daegu, we were all so exhausted, we fell asleep. During the night, Eun-sook’s crying woke us up. Eun-sook’s nickname was, ‘The Smile Badge’ because she smiled so much and rarely ever cried. This made it easy and was a great joy to us. Strangely, that night, she cried at the top of her lungs. I woke up in shock and asked my wife, “Wife, why is the child crying?” My wife said, “She is crying for no reason. There is nothing wrong,” and went back to sleep with the baby in her arms. When I was about to fall back to sleep, Eun-sook would cried again at the top of her lungs. 

“Why are you making the kid cry?” 
My wife grumbled and said, “I’m not. She’s crying for no reason.” 
“Turn on the lights.” 
Even though we turned on the lights and looked around, there was nothing to make her cry. My wife held the baby again and she went back to sleep. 

My wife got up saying she had to go to the bathroom. When she got up and opened the door to go out, she fainted. My intuition told me, “Ah, fumes from the coal has entered our room. We are already intoxicated by it.” If Eun-sook hadn’t cried that night, we would have all been corpses by morning because of the fumes. I sensed it to be the fumes from the coal and pushed the baby to the door without getting up. I opened the door. Then, I shouted out loud for help; for someone to save us. The people next door ran out. They helped us and was laid us down on a mat on the front porch of our neighbor’s house. The next door lady brought us a bowl full of Kimchi juice. It was the first time in my life that I was intoxicated by fumes, but after drinking the Kimchi juice, I felt so refreshed. That is how our family spent our first day at Padong. 

Upon knowing that I was a pastor, our neighbors all opened their hearts. Later, they received salvation. God always made all things work together for the good. I thought that after Eun-sook was born, she would make things harder on us, but since she was born, God provided for all her needs. Through Eun-sook, He helped and protected us. Although thirty some odd years have passed, both my daughter and my son have grown up and are now working for the gospel with me. When I see them helping me, I cannot help but to praise and thank God. I thank the Lord.

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