Endless Joy Preaching The Gospel To Children Each Summer 
Through God’s grace we were able to train children Bible school teachers each year. We were invited to many churches across the nation and preached the gospel to the kids. We also witnessed the forgiveness of sin to Sunday school teachers, deacons, and elders, each year and each year many children and adults received forgiveness of sin and we were able to have born again fruits. 

Although we were poor and things were difficult, it was such endless joy and bliss when seeing God bare fruits through us who lacked. After the summer children’s Bible school was over, we would either prepare for a different event in the fall, or was invited to a different church where we held conferences. When winter came around, most churches had revivals. The churches which received grace through the children’s Bible school, would often call me back to lead the revival. 

A Speaker At A Revival For The First Time Ever 
I remember my first revival to be towards the end of 1968. It was my first revival ever, so I didn’t know how I was supposed to lead the revival or how I would preach the Word that week. However, while praying and reading the Words in the Bible, my heart was filled with the Word. I decided to preach those Words, along with the Words in the Bible of how one receives forgiveness of sin and becomes born again. 

Since I had never led a conference, I was nervous and so we began having a prayer meeting each evening starting a month before. The brothers and sisters gathered and while praying for the conference at the Boen Presbyterian Church conference, our hearts were stirred. And, we saw the spirit work through our prayer meeting, which brought confidence to our hearts. 

Let’s Trade Clothes 
I rode the bus to Boen with Brother Lee, who I passed the time with. The Boen youth group was waiting for me at the Boen bus station, their ages were similar to ours. By their guidance we arrived at our sleeping quarters and unpacked. But suddenly Brother Lee asked me to trade clothes with him. Then, Brother Lee was married and so he was wearing a handsome two piece suite, with shirt and necktie, while I was wearing a blue sports jacket and slacks, which I don’t know where I got it from, but even this was too small that it was difficult to close the front buttons. With this I wore a shirt and an orange sweater on top, as a guest speaker. 

When we were in the countryside amongst ourselves, we couldn’t tell, but when we arrived at a big city such as Boen, the youth of that church wore nice suites and coats which was such a comparison to our own. Compared to the clothes the youths wore, our clothes seemed so shabby. Although I wasn’t able to notice this at all, Brother Lee who went with me saw this and told me to change clothes with him. 

That Was No Problem 
Not once did I think that the close I wore were comely or shabby, but as I saw the youth at the Boen Presbyterian Church I realized our clothes were shabby. Brother Lee earnestly asked me to trade clothes with him. I thought, ‘Changing clothes is fine with me, but what will Brother Lee do….’ 

So, I refused. Brother Lee said no. “I just followed you here, but Brother Park, you are the speaker, so you need to wear a suite.” 

The problem was that Brother Lee was slightly larger than me. If I wore his suite it would be a bit big, which is not a problem, but the suite I was wearing was small even for me, and when Brother Lee wore it he couldn’t clothes it. But, we still decided to exchange clothes, and so at the sleeping quarters we changed our clothes. The pants were short and the jacket was tight on Brother Lee, but he was content. It was no problem because we had a caring heart towards each other. 

The clothes we wore, the bag we carried... no matter what you looked at, we were as shabby as a redneck can get. It reminded me of when Phillip followed the voice of the spirit which said, “Approach the chariot of the Eunuch of Cush.” The chariot which the Eunuch of Cush rode was very extravagant, and the clothes he wore and everything else was exceptional, while Phillip was a shabby redneck. Our clothes were like that, and everything was a mess. However, because our hearts were filled with the Word of God, it was no problem at all. 

So Thankful That God Appears Within Me 
The first evening, it was my first time standing as a guest speaker at a revival, and I can not forget the sermon I gave that evening as I stepped up to the podium. 

“We do not go to heaven due to our efforts or works. If you think your going to go to heaven because of something you did well, that person cannot meet God. The reason is because we are all evil. That is why we have to receive the righteousness of Jesus to go to heaven. We cannot go to heaven by my own righteousness or goodness....” 

While preaching the Word within God’s grace, I was able to see the Spirit work powerfully. After the sermon was over, a youth followed me to my quarters and said, “Guest speaker, I will follow you.” I found out that he was a theology student. That evening the student had received the happiness of salvation from sin. 

The following morning I had preached during early morning service. There was a youth there, and he had suffered from his sin so much that he had resolved to attend early morning prayer service for a hundred days, and that morning was his hundredth day. He too received salvation from sin. A elder’s wife, a deacon, the church members one by one received salvation and were happy to be born again, and when I saw this I was unspeakably grateful. 
‘God, who am I that You work through me!’ 

The Time I Filled My Heart With Only God 
Back then I had nothing, but the Word of God in my heart and the Lord. That is why no matter where I went and what I did, I was thankful as I saw the Lord in me being powerfully revealed. 

Now, not only do I have the Lord in my heart, but I have the worldly title as a pastor, and many other things. At times I yearn for the time I was in Ahpgok village, Kimchun, when I had nothing and was able to fill my heart with only God, and the life I led by God. That is when I was truly happy. There were times I starved, there were times I didn’t have bus fare so I had to walk, and although my clothes were worn and shabby, the Lord who was in me replaced all that. Even now, when I think back, I often have the heart of wanting to return.

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