We entered Kimcheon in April of 1969, and we left Kimcheon in January of 1973.  For about three and a half years while living in Kimcheon, God had poured much grace on us.  When I now think back, I cannot believe the life I had led back then.  At first there were no brothers and sisters, and there was no one to help.  Even when I think back upon it, I cannot understand how I was able to survive.  While God allowed us to witness the gospel at Kimcheon, saved brothers and sisters arose.  I got married and had a lovely daughter.  Also, on the 26th the day after my daughter's first birthday, January 25, 1973, we moved our luggage from Kimcheon to Daegu. 
When I got married, my father leased us a place with two bedrooms in Sangiseuk, Moam-dong, Kimcheon.  So, we began our newlywed life in that small room.  We were also able to use the second floor of the elder's building in Seungrae-dong as the chapel. I was able to evangelize and hold services there. After living in Moam-dong for two years through God's grace, the lease was over and we had to move to another place. 
However, we were unable to acquire a different place. At that time, there were brothers and sisters in Daegu who were born again that had invited me to live in Daegu many times. There were also brothers that came to me at night and asked me to go to Daegu with them to do the works of the gospel. However, I liked Kimcheon.  Although there were brothers and sisters at Daegu, I was happy to preach the gospel in Kimcheon.  
How Did That Happen?However, at the time, there came a realization.  When I went to the Sanchung Saengcho Church, or the Boen Presbytarian Church, or the Jinchun Methodist Church and preached the gospel, there were many who received salvation.  But the surprising thing is that after 6 months to a year had passed, and when I returned to those churches, the truth was that the saved brothers and sisters were all spiritually dead. I couldn't see the slightest work of God in those brothers and sisters who were once happy and content after receiving salvation. When I especially went to the Boen Presbytarian Church and met the saved brothers and sisters there, I couldn't understand how they had become that way. They were once happy and joyful after having received salvation.  It was later that I realized why. 
Although the brothers and sisters were saved, when they listened to sermons from a pastor, who was not born again and who stressed the keeping of the law, the works of God did not arise and they became spiritually dry and ill when they tried to do something. Then what needed to be done? 
At the time, I was active under the title "Mission."  During the summer that followed, I served as a Sunday school speaker and went to churches and preached the gospel to children. During the winters, I usually travelled to churches in the countryside and preached the gospel as a speaker at revivals. There were many people who received salvation through me, but a serious problem had arisen.  I could no longer do the works of preaching the gospel in that manner. A pastor who is born again must lead each of the born again brothers and sisters. As a result, I had to give up the works in the mission and begin a church.  I strongly felt that the born again brothers and sisters had to be fostered and led to a mature state where Jesus Christ is revealed through them. Before, I preached the gospel because I enjoyed it, but if those who are born again aren't fostered, I realized that they cannot grow into a normal Christian. 
As If Scrounging For Lice 
Then what could I have done? There was no way of knowing. At the time, the one who led the people who were saved through Missionary Dick and other missionaries had left. The missionaries also returned to their native countries. Brothers and sisters in Daegu had service amongst themselves, but they strongly wanted someone to guide them.  A couple of brothers had a loose heart saying, "We have received salvation, and God's Spirit is within us. We don't need someone to guide us. We don't need a shepherd. Jesus is our shepherd." They said these things, causing conflict among the brothers and sisters. However, a couple of brothers in Daegu earnestly asked us to come. 
However,  I wasn't that keen on the idea of going to Daegu.  I was content with traveling here and there preaching the gospel.  However, a child will not grow well if he is not nursed. It's the same spiritually. Although the gospel is preached and people receive salvation, if those people are not nourished and led well, they will not be able to grow spiritually. That realization changed my heart. In addition, the lease had ended and I had to find a new place. However, finding a house in Kimcheon was impossible. There were about thirty to forty brothers and sisters in Kimcheon, and upon hearing that I had to move, they traveled through the city of Kimcheon trying to acquire a room.  Every morning I rode my bike through that small city of Kimcheon and searched as if searching for lice. And although I found a place, God had blocked it, and so even though I had money, I couldn't get a house. We were able to buy a house in Kimcheon with the 350,000 won Missionary Anderson had given us, but at that time, I had no experience and didn't understand worldly matters. Therefore, I couldn't buy the house and underwent much hardships. However, that too was God's will. Although I wanted to preach the gospel in Kimcheon, God was pleased with sending me to Daegu. 
When I previously went into Elder Kang's house, even though I didn't have any money, God had given me the house, and so I was able to go in and live freely. However, now with the 70,000 won I received from the deposit, I couldn't buy a nice house in Kimcheon, but a decent one. However, I still couldn't get a house.  Whenever someone said that a place is available at the real estate agency, I would go and find that it was already taken. Although there were many people who wanted to give us a house, when we actually went there, we were unable to get them. For nearly a month, the brothers and sisters used all their strength to search for a place, but because God prevented it, it was to no avail. 

I Could No Longer Be Stubborn 
I went to the real estate office once and asked for a room, and the guy there said, "There is one room, but the people who have rented it have gone somewhere far away. The owner is waiting for their return to kick them out and rent it out once more." I was curious as to what kind of room it was so I went with the real estate agent and peaked in through a slit in the door. It was a dreary room at the foot of a big hill, and when I peaked through the door I found it was occupied by a shaman. I also saw something like an alter. I was taken back. As I saw that I realized, "I cannot be stubborn any longer.  God has blocked me from getting a room in Kimcheon because He doesn't want me to find one.  God wants to send me to Daegu." 
I got on the bus and went straight to Daegu. I met the brothers there and went out to search for a room. I signed for a small room located right below Gaemyung College at Daemyung7-dong. While I was returning to Kimcheon, snow flakes fell, and it was very gloomy. The weather was cold and my heart was cold as well. Although I knew that God was pleased with me leaving Kimcheon, I didn't like going to Daegu. Even while adhering to the will of God, a heart for Daegu had not arisen, so it was still cold towards Daegu. My wife liked Kimcheon too. However, God's will was in us going to Daegu. Knowing this, I couldn't remain in Kimcheon. 

I Am Sure That God Had Sent Me 
On Eun-sook's first birthday, we celebrated with a few brothers and sisters. Eun-sook who had just begun walking was so cute. There were times when things were difficult and tiring in Kimcheon, but Eun-sook became the joy of our hearts. After her birthday party, we packed our bags. The next day, on January 26, 1973, we moved our stuff to Daegu. 
Kimcheon was a good city. Although it was difficult and tiring to preach the gospel there, there was also happiness. I had wanted to live my entire life preaching the gospel in Kimcheon. But, God did not want to leave me in Kimcheon. He allowed me to go to many cities to preach the gospel. That is the reason God did not allow me to buy a house when I lived in Kimcheon although I had enough money. And when I tried once more to buy a house, He prevented it. He bent my heart of wanting to live in Kimcheon, and led me to Daegu.
When I first went to Daegu, there were many difficulties and hardships. However, one truth I am sure of is that God had sent me to Daegu. I was sure that it was through God's will that I came to Daegu. I believed that God would work in Daegu through me. That is why I didn't have any problems in my heart. I began my life in Daegu with that assurance.

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