A Born-Again Church Should Be Led By A Born-Again Guide 
When we went to Daegu there were many problems but the biggest problem was the one regarding the church. 
When I was in Kimcheon, we formed witnessing teams in the summer and preached the gospel at churches around the country holding children Bible camps. In the winter, we were invited by churches to lead Bible seminars. I was satisfied with these works and it became a joy unto me. I was able to live in satisfaction because the joy received from this overcame poverty, hardships, and hunger. 
Six months to one year had passed after the seminars and I revisited the churches where I had preached the gospel. Brothers and sisters who were happy in receiving salvation were then without strength. I thought this over and realized that born-again brothers and sisters need to live spiritual life under a born-again guide. Although a person may be born-again, if that person is under a pastor who is not born-again, the opportunity for Jesus to work is lost because that person is bound to his actions: to do good deeds. Spiritual life itself dies because the work of Jesus is nonexistent. A pastor who is not born-again may speak of faith, but he regards the deeds of the flesh to be more important than faith. Whoever is under this pastor – even a born-again person – will be bound to his actions. 

During that time in Daegu there was a church established by Missionary Dick York along with other missionaries. After the missionaries left, the born-again brothers and sisters gathered without a guide and prayed, had service, and went witnessing. They had an ardent passion for the gospel and a heart to love the Lord. However, without a guide, they had no training to break and deny their thoughts and ego. Their individual thoughts, opinions, and voices existed in the church. Individually, they had the heart to love the Lord and had a precious, beautiful heart one cannot find anywhere in this world. However, the brothers and sisters could not unite and often collided with one another. 
I had to enter intervene and to lead and preach to them, but I had a serious problem. I have preached the gospel and the truth of salvation, but I did not have any experience in leading a church. I learned faith and the Words in missionary school, but I never learned specifically how to run a ministry or lead the church. “How do born-again brothers and sisters serve and worship God? How does a born-again guide lead a born-again church?” I was impatient of not knowing these aspects. 

I Did Not Want To Lead Like The Common Churches 
I grew up in the Presbyterian Church and I very well knew everything about it. I went there ever since I was young and knew everything like the back of my hand. However, I saw the Presbyterian Church cling to many wrong problems and I did not want to lead a born-again church like the Presbyterian Churches or the other common churches. Some people speak about the plain things in order to take in the good points about the Presbyterian and throw out the bad ones. But that does not make sense. It is hard to distinguish the good from the bad once you enter. And even if one is able to distinguish between the two, it is hard to come out from it. 
I had to lead the true church of God and newly lead the born-again children of God, but I did not know how. “What kind of church is a born-again church? What kind of church lives do born-again people live? How do I lead this church? What will happen to this church in the future?” Many questions such as these constantly arose within me. One thing I was very curious about was how the church began. “How did John Wesley lead the born-again church? How was their church?” I heard a little bit about it but I did not know it in detail. I asked a born-again sister named Joanna of the brethren church in Germany about the born-again church, but she was not able to tell me about it specifically. 

The Holy Spirit Who Led Our Hearts 
I feared that our church would go down the wrong path. I also feared greatly that I would lead my congregation down the wrong path. That is the reason why I could not decide on the church’s path. When the brothers and sisters gathered, we prayed, praised, testified, and I preached. We preached the gospel to newcomers. On Sunday mornings we praised, testified of the grace the Lord gave us, and I preached. We held the retreat in the same fashion. 
Amazingly, God led us in our path because He was in the midst of the Words and testimonies. When I think about our church now, I feel that it is going in the same direction as the church in Martin Luther’s and John Wesley’s time. At that time, I was in great fear that our church would go down the wrong path, but we saw the Holy Spirit lead our hearts when we had prayer meetings because of hardships, read the Bible, gave testimonies, presented what we realized, and when I preached. 
God gave us the heart to establish this kind of church in other cities. God gave me the heart to do broadcasting and missionary work. The Holy Spirit didn’t tell me, “Go there. Preach.” but led my heart. This is how the Holy Spirit led me and I realized that the heart which arose in me was not my heart, but it was given by the Holy Spirit. 

I Sought God Because I Was The Most Lacking 
I truly thank and glorify God who led me. The Lord at that time has led me until now. Many churches in the world are going down the wrong path and the pastors are corrupted. I am the same person who can sin and become corrupted, but the Holy Spirit of God is inside my heart and leading me. There were small and great difficulties, but I was able to preach the gospel, be with the Lord, and see people receive salvation until now through the guidance of the Holy Spirit. 
When I look back, all of these things did not happen because I was well-off, smart, or sincere. I was the most lacking. God made someone like me to look up to Him. When I think of how He led my life in His grace, I can only praise and give thanks unto Him.

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