1973, when I first went to Daegu, there was another problem. Although the brothers and sisters were happy about me coming and preaching the Word, they were burdened as to how I was to live, and after discussing it they strongly suggested that I get a job. 

July 13, 1974 (Afternoon) 
It was exactly in the afternoon on July 13, 1974. That day, someone came to our house, and I preached the gospel all afternoon. Although I was poor and there were many different difficulties and hardships, the reason I preached the gospel was because when I preached the gospel I forgot all suffering and became lost in the gospel. Although I continued to preach the gospel, the person’s heart did not easily open, causing much time to pass. As it turned 11p.m., the person finally received salvation, and was happy. When I saw the person receiving salvation after having preached the gospel, I had so much joy. I was much happier and almost in tears with joy, than the person himself. It was late at night, so I saw the person home and returned to find my wife in a fit. At that time, we lived in a one-room home, so I thought my wife would be happy having seen me preach the gospel and the person receiving salvation. My wife had a fit, and I didn't know why. My wife said, “If you are going to preach the gospel, just preach it, why do you talk about useless things and drag the time along.” Although the gospel can be preached simply and curtly, in order to lead the heart there are times a lot of unnecessary things must be said. My wife knew this, so I could not understand why she said that. 

Lord, What Do I Do In This Situation 
My wife, who was in her third trimester of pregnancy, had begun having birth pains. She should have told me sooner. However, since I was preaching the gospel, she couldn't. The person seemed as if he would receive salvation, and she didn't want to interrupt, so she kept it in. Since, it took an unbelievably long time for the person to receive salvation and she was in so much pain, she put up a fit. Nonetheless, the problem of birth faced us. At that time, we didn't have even ten cents in our whole house. It had already been a long while, since we had run out of food. Late that night, we panicked. We couldn't get ourselves to go to the hospital. That night, together my wife and I fought the pains of labor. As dawn approached, the pain became more severe. I was lost as to what to do. At that time, we lived on top of a mountain in Pahdong. Even though we were to ride the bus, we would have to walk for a while. Taxis were not readily available, and only when someone rode one up. Whenever a taxi happened to come by, I would think, ‘Should we take the taxi to the hospital?' However, by not having a single penny there was nothing I could do. Hence, I would look on in dismay, as I scraped my feet against the ground. Time kept passing and the day grew brighter as it turned to 8 o'clock in the morning. "Lord, what do I do in situations like these?" 

Morning Of Miracles 
After 8 a.m., something amazing happened. A sister who had just received salvation a few days before came by our house. The sister saw my wife and exclaimed, "Ah, pastor's wife!" Then the sister said, "I used to work as a nurse at the Pusan Ilshim Hospital's obstetrics and gynecology department. All the nurses at the obstetrics and gynecology department of the Ilshim Hospital has a certificate of qualification to perform delivery." She quickly brought her tools, rolled up her sleeves, and helped my wife deliver the baby. That is how my wife had our son. It was July 14, 1974 at about 9 p.m. The sister washed the baby and went into the kitchen. There was no rice. In fact, there wasn’t anything to eat; so she ran out to buy some rice, seaweed, and meat. Due to the birth of my son, my wife and I ate a very good breakfast. I still cannot forget Sister Kwang-ja Choi who helped my wife to give birth. Much time has passed, and I don't know where she is right now. My son has grown up, and is now over thirty years old. Each time things were difficult, God didn't once forsake me. Instead, God has always been by my side and helped me. To my recollection, the sister who helped deliver my son was a relative of another sister who was the one who brought her to my home. A few days before the birth, I had preached the gospel and she had received salvation. I realized that God, knowing that we had nothing when my wife gave birth, had already prepared that sister. I don't know why that sister came by that morning. However, when I was in the most difficult and dire situation God had sent that sister. Through her, God bore our burdens and helped my wife so she could give birth. He increased the happiness of having a son. 

Even Though I Die A Thousand Times And Am Born Again, I Want To Serve The Lord 
It has now been 43 years since I received salvation and 34 years since I've been married. My daughter and son have grown well and serve the Lord, and my wife and I are gradually growing old. As I look back over the past years, I wasn't loyal and there wasn’t anything that I did well before the Lord. However, the Lord did not forsake my difficult situations even once, but helped and poured grace upon me. The guiding hand of the Lord is so precious and amazing that it wasn't me who served God, but it was He who served me. It wasn’t me who worked for Him, but I believe that it was God who had worked for me. At times I sacrificed for the Lord, underwent hardships, and was persecuted. But, I continually received the grace of having people receive salvation when I preached the gospel with faith in Him. The blessings that God has given me is something so precious that I could never have been able to gain without Him. Even though I was to be born on the earth a second time, I would like to live depending on the Lord. Even though I was to die a thousand times and be born again, I would like to serve the Lord. Everything that I have today was given to me by God. If it weren’t God, but me who did it, there would have been many instances where I would have fallen, been broken, and failed. However, since the loving Lord has taken charge of me, things are beautiful and full of blessings. That is why I always thank and glorify God.

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