1973, when I first went to Daegu, there was another problem. Although the brothers and sisters were happy about me coming and preaching the Word, they were burdened as to how I was to live, and after discussing it they strongly suggested that I get a job. 

Spending The Entire Day Reading The Bible 
When I lived in Padong, there were many difficulties. However, I will never be able to forget that place because it is where the missionary school was started, and a place where many works of salvation occurred. When I sat all day and read the Bible, God allowed the Words of the Bible to take place in my heart. When I read of the story of Jesus walking upon the Sea of Galilee amidst the storm, I was able to almost feel what Peter felt as he sat in the boat watching Jesus approach. And when I read of the sermon on the mountain I felt as if I wasn't reading the Bible, but I felt as if I, too, were beside Jesus listening first hand to the Words that were spoken. As the Word entered my heart and took its place there, although I did nothing, God opened the way for me to preach the gospel, and allowed me to bear fruits of salvation. 

Student Dong-sung Kim 
When I stayed in the chapel on the second floor of the Chinese restaurant, Hwa Shin, in Padong, Daegu reading the Bible all day, God continued to send people. Once, a high school student came and received salvation, and she brought another girl who attended a different church. I preached the gospel to her too, and she returned home ecstatic with joy. She then brought the youth group president of her church. His name was Dong-sung Kim. That day I opened the Bible and preached the gospel. 

As soon as I asked him if he received salvation, he replied, “Yes.” When I saw him, it was evident that he hadn't received salvation, and I was surprised when he said that he had. While thinking this, I preached the gospel of how to receive salvation. As time passed, that student forgot that he had said he had already received the forgiveness of sin, and continued to listen to the gospel. After some time had passed, he accepted the gospel and was happy saying, “I have now received forgiveness of sin.” I wasn't the one who had done this. I knew for sure that it was the Word of God that resided in me that had worked in that student's heart and changed him. I handed him a small book entitled, The Assurance and Joy of Salvation, and told him to come back after he read it, telling him there is something I would like to ask him about the book. That student read the entire book and returned after a few days, and we had fellowship about spiritual life. The book I gave him asked, “Which car are you riding in? The first car is ridden by people who have received salvation and know this truth for sure....” The student replied, “I now ride the first car.” Our church was so happy. 

We Were Surprised And Happy 
However, I didn't have the chance to meet that student again. He didn't come to our church because he was already attending a different one. One day, as I prayed for that student, I really wanted to meet him, so I said to a brother passing by, “The student Dong-sung Kim was very happy after receiving salvation, but I don't know how he is doing now. Many months have already passed and I would like to meet him again.” Then the brother standing next to him said, “Pastor, I think I know where that student lives.” When we had asked Dong-sung Kim where he lived before, he told us vaguely that he lived next to the Jeondogwan in Bisandong. The brother said, “I know that place. There aren't that many houses in the area. I think we may be able to find it.” 

We rode our bikes from Padong to Bisandong. The Jeondogwan was on the second floor of a building, and there were a couple of houses beside it. We just knocked on one of the doors and said, “Is anybody home?” And Brother Dong-sung Kim came out right away. We were startled, and overjoyed. Brother Dong-sung Kim was caught by surprise, and said, “We can't be here when my mother comes home, so let's step outside.” We went outside and shared the Word out in the street till late. We sat there in the street, prayed, and then parted. 

After the student Dong-sung Kim came to our church and received salvation, he said he went to his church and spoke of the gospel. Then all of a sudden, all the students called him a heretic embarrassing him greatly. Afterwards, he could no longer attend that church. However, no one from that church came to visit him. However, we, who lived far from there in Padong, not even knowing where he lived, went to visit him. Seeing this, he felt, “These people are servants who really love me,” and from then on, attended our church. 

I later heard that Dong-sung Kim's father had passed away due to a train accident. Afterwards, his mother would wake him up and take him to the exorcist to find his father's soul. She also took him to the Buddhist temples and made him bow to the idols. Although being a Christian, Dong-sung Kim knew that he shouldn't bow to idols, but he said that even without himself knowing it, he found himself bowing. Due to that sin, he was severely pierced by his conscience when he had met our church and received salvation. 

After receiving salvation, he went to the church he previously attended and told the gospel to the youth group, but all the students got angry and accused him of being a heretic, so he didn't go to church. No one from that church came to visit him, but as people from our church went, through these events his heart had opened. Later, Dong-sung Kim attended our church and while learning the Word he entered missionary school. 

Although I Sit Still, God Is For Me 
When I as in Padong, all I did was sit and read the Bible, but God continued to send people. As each of those people received salvation, one by one, I saw their hearts arise towards the gospel and they all gave themselves and their wealth to God. It wasn't we who did this, but we were able to strongly see how God was allowing this to happen. 

The God who worked then hasn't changed, and so although I sit still, the works that God performs for me is so great. “God has done this. God has promised this. God has poured His grace upon me!” As I realized this, I was so thankful before the Lord. Brother Dong-sung Kim has become a servant of God and is working powerfully for the gospel, and when I see this, I thank God. Not only Brother Dong-sung Kim, but many of our brothers and sisters have received the guidance of God, and when I see them serving the Lord after having received salvation, I can only thank God.

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