However, It Was Works God Was Pleased With 
Faith is not following my thoughts. It is following the will of God and breaking my own thoughts. Beginning a missionary school was totally impossible in my thoughts. It was also something the brothers and sisters could not understand. However, it was something God was pleased with. Everywhere in the Bible it shows that the thoughts of God was not the same as the thoughts of man. Noah didn't have the slightest thought to build an ark. Yet, as the ark that was in God's heart was delivered into Noah's, he built the ark. The same when Abraham left Ur of Chaldees. He didn't have the heart to leave Chaldees at all. But, one day the plan towards Abraham that was in God's heart was passed unto Abraham, and he didn't follow his own heart but the heart of God and left Ur of Chaldees. Following God's heart, he became an ancestor of faith. Not only in the times of the old testament, but Peter had done the same, and my life as well. I never once thought to live this kind of life. I had never once thought to become a pastor when I was young. It was that God had me in His heart as a servant, and that heart was delivered into mine. That heart led my heart. Missionary school is the same. Starting missionary school was very burdensome, and I didn't have confidence. Everyone around me was against it. However, I could only begin the missionary school. Because I came to know that God had the missionary school existed. Whenever God begins something He shows the will that is in His heart to man. When His heart is passed unto a person's, He works through that person. That is God's way. That is why without receiving God's heart, nothing can be done. However, when God's heart is accepted, it isn't man working, but God begins to work. 

For Thirty Years After July 1976 
Through the work of God the missionary school began on July 1976. When I told the brothers and sisters that the missionary school has begun, a couple of people showed interest. The missionary school began with 3 male and 2 female students, for a total of 5 students. Upon seeing each of those people, you could clearly tell they were there by the guidance of God. We woke up at dawn, read the Bible, had prayer meeting, and then ate breakfast. Then, we gathered again and read and presented on Genesis. After, I would preach and explain Genesis. Then morning would have passed by. After eating lunch, we went out to witness. Since it was the first time brothers and sisters came into missionary school, there were problems in going to preach the gospel and having Bible study. Yet, I was able to see God was with us. Starting from then for thirty years, I spent most of my mornings with the missionary students. The time I spent became the most blessed. While ministering whenever difficulties came by or my weaknesses were revealed, there were times I was put down and fell into despair. But the great thing about missionary school is that after eating breakfast, there are missionary students I had to go and teach the Word to. As I open the Bible and share with the missionary students, surprisingly, I gained strength through Jesus. Just as the woman who was caught in the act of adultery was being dragged to be stoned to death, but changed when she met Jesus. The heart of the woman was filled with fear and despair. However, Jesus saved her. Jesus said, "Woman, where are thine accusers?" The woman responded by saying there is none. Jesus then said, "Neither do I condemn you, go and sin no more," and He turned her away. Before that woman had met Jesus, she thought she was going to be stoned to death, and fear and despair filled her heart. But, through Jesus, she gained life and salvation, and when she returned her heart was filled with relief, gratitude and happiness. Whoever meets Jesus their hearts change. There were times I had problems in the morning. At times, I felt guilty due to my mistakes. There were times I had many thoughts. But, while I spent my time with the missionary students, it could not continue. I would speak with the Bible open with the missionary students after breakfast, and while listening to them sharing what they realized, all of my complex thoughts would vanish and my heart would be filled with Jesus. 

The Missionary School, Which Keeps Me Alive 
One morning there was a difficult problem and I got into an argument with my wife while discussing it. At that time, I thought, "What kind of a pastor am I? What kind of a gospel preacher am I? I can't do this. I'd better quit." At one time in my life I loved the gospel so much that I would give my whole life, but I felt completely different that moment. The heart, "Heck, I'm going to quit," entered my heart, and I decided to quit preaching the gospel. I thought, "Even if I have to go somewhere and do hard labor instead, I can't preach the gospel." Then it was time for Bible study with the missionary students. They were waiting for me so I had no choice but to go. I thought, "What Word can I preach with this heart I have now?" I didn't want to preach the Word. I wanted to say to the missionary students, "Everyone, the missionary school is over as of today. Go back home. Now I am quitting. I will not be preaching the gospel anymore. I too will find a job and leave." But when I saw the students seated around me, I could not say it. It would be too ruthless of me to say it to these students who had gone through many difficult processes. So I changed my heart, thinking, "I will have an hour of class, and then tell them." I opened the Bible. I had no heart to speak about it. I opened to one chapter of Genesis and told the students to read one verse by one. Then I told them to share what they realized. But for some reason that day, the students were saying things that made no sense at all. I was baffled. "Brothers, how could these Words mean that? How can you realize the Bible like that? You are pretty talented. That is not what that Word means, but this is what it means." One hour passed as I spoke like this. I continued to speak for the second, third hours. The morning Bible study ended. When I began, I had the heart to quit the missionary school, but by the class's end, my heart was so different. My heart was filled with Jesus. "That's right. A person like me has received the grace of God to do the work of the gospel. How could there be no hardship in doing the work of the gospel? This problem is not even a problem." All of the darkness in my heart disappeared and Jesus filled me. I was joyful and thankful. If there was no missionary school, I would not have read the Bible and share the Words with the students every morning. When there was darkness, despair, and emptiness, how would I have overcome them if I did not have the Word of God in my heart? That is something I cannot even imagine. Even now, I read the Bible every morning and pray and testify the Word to students. This is my joy, my strength.

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