Pastor, Witnessing Is Burdensome 
For the past thirty years, I have felt God lead the missionary school. Rather than me teaching the missionary students faith and the Word, I have seen God working, received His grace, and was able to realize much of Him. In the mornings, the missionary students have Bible study. There they focus their reading on Genesis and present their thoughts. Afterwards, I expounded upon Genesis for them. This is how we spend our mornings. After eating lunch, the students all go out to witness. At first, the students were hesitant to witness, but as they went once and twice, people received salvation. And seeing God working through them gave them strength, and their faith grew as well. One time in missionary school, when it was time to go witnessing, everyone had left, but there was one sister that hadn’t and was hesitating to go. When I asked her why she hadn’t left, she said, “Pastor, there is something I would like to speak with you about.” So I had a counseling session with her. She said, “Pastor, I wish we didn’t have witnessing time in missionary school. I love studying the Bible, but witnessing is very burdensome.” Before this sister entered missionary school, she was a maid for the owner of a large bus company when she lived in Pahdong. She was healthy and strong, so she worked hard in the house. At that time, people used coal for heating, and she was so strong that she would lift the entire container filled with all the ashes herself every morning. Every time I saw her, I thought that I should preach the gospel to her. However, I never had the chance to meet her. But one day she came to church. A brother had preached the gospel to her and she had received salvation. That sister really loved the Lord. While living in the house of the bus company manager, there were so many things to do that she would work from the morning till eleven at night without a single moment’s rest. When it turned eleven and everyone went to sleep, that sister would read the Bible until two in the morning. The Words of the Bible were so good to her that she read the Bible in this manner for an entire year. That sister came to have depth in the Word, and God worked in her, answering her prayers and giving her many things in her life to be thankful for. The problem was that we lived in a small village in Pahdong, so everyone knew that sister worked as a maid in the bus company manager’s house. One day, the maid carried the Bible out to witness, and when she tried to go from house to house and preach the gospel, the people would say, “Hey, how can that maid witness?” They wouldn’t accept what she had to say, and it became very burdensome for her. That is why she said that it would be great if there was no witnessing time. Then, she talked of her past. I could fully understand her. 

A Truth That Sister Did Not Know 
The important thing was that there was something the sister did not know. When people are told to witness, they try hard to do it. And when they are told to perform righteous acts, they try hard to do this as well: even trying to be loyal. They don’t realize they cannot do it and wear the strength of God. It was for that very reason this sister was burdened about witnessing. That afternoon, I told the sister to sit down and I opened the Bible and gave her spiritual counseling. “Sister, going to Pahdong and witnessing, is it because you like it, or because God is pleased with it? While receiving training in missionary school for the gospel, you have to witness. This is what God is pleased with. God knows your flaws, and that you’re weak. You’re weak, have flaws, and can’t witness, but do you think God would simply send you? No. Jesus said, ‘I am sending you like sheep amongst wolves.’ If a sheep goes amongst wolves, it’s evident that it’ll be eaten. Then why did He send it? Because the sheep is going amidst wolves, it cannot go without depending upon the Lord. It can only depend on the Lord. If God is pleased with you preaching in this town, then He will work. When you open your mouth, He will be with you and help you. All you have to do is go and open your mouth. Then, the Lord will work. It’s because you try to do it that why it’s burdensome, why would it be a burden if God works?” That is how I explained it to her. After having fellowship with her, we prayed and she left to go witnessing with a happy heart. That evening, when it was time for dinner, the sister returned, and her face was filled with joy. God worked through that sister, and He changed a person’s heart to listen to the gospel from her. It was the first time in her life that she had such an experience. From that day on, she enjoyed the witnessing time. The number of people who came to church through her began to grow, one by one. Once I was told there were a lot of wives in Pusan who wanted to hear the gospel, so I sent the sister there for a month. The sister stayed there for a month and returned. She came back with testimonies of many people receiving salvation. While being in missionary school, the sister had nothing, but while preaching the gospel in Pusan, many people were happy and they bought her a coat, shoes, and gave her transportation fare. She returned with a heart that was both blessed and fulfilled. 

God’s Not Telling Us To Do It 
People try to keep the commandments because they say it is recorded in the Bible, and because it’s recorded to do righteous acts, they try hard to accomplish this. But because they don’t have faith in the Lord, they try to do everything on their own. However, God isn’t telling us to perform the righteous acts. I am a person who does not have faith, and I didn’t know how to lead the missionary school, so I was very hesitant. However, it was amazing how every time the missionary students had problems, it was not I, but the Lord who appeared and solved their problems, one by one, and led the missionary school. Thirty years has passed now since the missionary school has started. The students that had entered into missionary school were all led, trained, and changed by God, so there was nothing for me to do. Each and every morning I would eat breakfast, then sit with the students with our Bible’s open. We read and presented what we realized through reading, and I shared how God has worked in me. Through all this, God changed the students, one by one, and turned them into precious servants. So today, it is amazing to see the establishment of these ministers of the gospel all across the world. Abraham having a son wasn’t through his own strength, but through God’s. Even David killing Goliath was done by God, not David. We can clearly see that in the lives we live, the true works of God are not by us, but by God.

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