I, Who Cannot Do Things Well 
I could not understand until now why God saved a lacking per- son like me. There were many people who had better personalities, and could manage the work of the ministry much better than I did. Nevertheless, He raised such a lacking person like me to become a pastor and witness the gospel; that is what I could not understand. There was nothing that I did well, that is why it is evident, that anything that was done well was not by me but by God. 

Jesus Wanted To Give Me Faith That I Didn’t Have 
I’m still thankful to God whenever I remember how we bought the church building in Daegu City. Time passes quickly; the church building in Daegu now looks so small compared to the many huge and good church buildings all over the country. But at that time, the 2,000 square feet church building on a 2,850 square feet lot was located beside the Keimyung University, which looked too much luxurious, beautiful and big compared to ours. We have 2,300 seats at Kangnam Church, where I am ministering. 2,300 people can sit and have service altogether. Compared to this church that 2,000 square feet church is still very small, but at that time it was still far beyond our ability. I had no faith in me that I could buy that church building, but Jesus who is the author and finisher of faith gave me the faith, which I didn’t have. I wanted to avoid purchasing that church building because it was burdensome but Jesus led my heart to make a contract for it and since the contract was made, He had to work for us. 

Why Are You Guys Causing This Much Trouble? 
There was a brother whose name was Hun-ho Lee in our church. There were not many church members in our church and Brother Lee’s house was very close to my house. Brother Lee and I had dinner often at each other’s house. Brother Lee’s father used to take care of me like my own father, and he did not attend church diligently. If he attended, it was not to learn about Jesus but to help the church. In order to buy a building at US$55,000, we needed US$5,500 for the deposit money. I was living in a rented house in Naedang Dong. When I drew the deposit money for the house, it was U$2,000 and all the money that was collected was U$1,500 making a total of U$3,500. We had to pay U$5,500 for the deposit money while all the money that was available was US$3,500. After withdrawing the deposit money for the house we were living in, I suggested making a partition in the church we were purchasing for my family and I to live in. The Sungil Church, who were selling the church building accepted without problem. I made a contract with them, and paid the deposit of US$3,500 but I didn’t know what to do next. The father of Brother Hun-ho Lee worried about us a lot. He told his son, in fact for me, “Why are you guys causing this much trouble? Is US$3,500 a small amount of money? You guys have lost that money.” In his eyes, we didn’t have any ability to pay off the contract and subsequently; would lose the deposit. It was so evident in everybody’s eyes. Brothers and sisters of the church were insisting to buy the church, but none of them had the money, nobody could afford it. It was obvious that brothers and sisters only thought about purchasing the church building without thinking about how to pay for it. Even to get a loan from the bank, we had nobody who owned property that could be given to the bank as a security. 

Joy That Was Hundreds Of Times Greater Than A Diamond Ring 
We began to pray to the Lord, and God started to work amaz- ingly. A housewife visited us one day. We were living in Pa Dong before we moved to Naedang Dong. There was a couple that was operating a pharmacy next door to us. They didn’t believe in Jesus. When we gave birth to our daughter; they had their first daughter on the same day. And as couples, we both had sons at almost the same time again. Our children played together. One day that lady visited us, she didn’t even know where we were living. She asked the people here and there for directions to Naedang Dong where we lived and she talked with my wife all day long. My wife called me in the evening. “Honey, please witness the Word to this lady.” I witnessed the gospel to her for a while, and she received salvation. Then she pulled off her ring with a huge diamond and she gave it to me. “Pastor, I didn’t have any joy or hope in my life until now. I could not rejoice. Everything I did couldn’t make me happy. I specially ordered this diamond ring from the United States, but I could not find satisfaction in it. But the joy I found today is tens times, hundreds of times greater than when I obtained this diamond ring. That is why I want to give this ring to God.” I touched a diamond ring for the first time in my life. It was an expensive one. As people saw God working, brothers and sister who were few, was giving tremendous amount of offering everyday beyond our imagination. The treasurer had to carry the money in a bag and deposit it at the bank. We were surprised indeed. The way God was working was amazing. We couldn’t imagine it. I felt as if brothers and sisters were stealing money from somewhere everyday. Whenever they gave testimony being filled with the spirit as they experience God, I was shedding tears of deep gratitude. 

New History Of The Gospel Started 
Some saints gave offering while some couldn’t. Missionary students among them worked at the construction site to earn offering. Since they didn’t have any specialty, they had to carry bricks or do minor works all day long to earn money. Although they gave offering like that, we could not collect US$55,000 which was such a big amount. But the lack made us pray instead of making us disappointed. We hardly prayed through the nights. Everybody came in the evenings after working hard all day long and prayed sitting around in the chapel. We were saying that we were praying, but most of them slept bending over. One person was awake and praying and another person awoke and prayed after him, and another prayed. We were tired but we prayed and brothers and sisters’ heart started to gain hope. Amazingly, those brothers and sisters who left the church was coming back with bunches of money after hearing the news of us purchasing the church building. Still money was lack but we were able to pay the semi-closing payment by the grace of God and we could move to the new church. We were holding a retreat after putting wooden flooring upon the cement floor. All the brothers and sisters were deeply thanking God. We wanted to finish laying the wooden flooring before we started the retreat, but we couldn’t. We had to have the first night service without finishing the floor and after the service we had to lay the rest of the flooring until late in the night. That was how the new history of the gospel in our new church began, in front of Keimyung University. 

Look Unto Jesus The Author And Finisher Of Our Faith 
Now we have built many church buildings all over the coun- try and we have many large churches along with many saved brothers and sisters. But we were full of lacking and weakness at that time. Still we didn’t worry or become disappointed at the situation, which is beyond our ability. It was not because I was faithful but because God was leading me into the faith. God said “Look unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith”. The reason I could overcome the situation was not because I had faith but because Jesus was leading us into the faith. Everything I tried to do has collapsed but the Lord has led such a foolish man like me to witness the gospel. That was so amazing and thankful for me and so I turn the glory to the Lord.

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