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Theology School & Pastoral Training

Pastor Park has long been heart-broken with the way most Bible education has denounced its power and divinity. The Mahanaim Theology School, established in 2008, cultivates an environment for its students to reflect on the Word of God as the definitive source of faith. Pastor Park’s goal for the Mahanaim Theology School is to take the study of Scriptures back to its roots, wherein lies the path to salvation, the doctrine of true faith and repentance, and God’s heart in relation to spiritual life.

Mahanaim’s theology program helps students develop spiritual formation, extensive knowledge of both the Old and New Testaments, and essential skills needed for the next step in their careers, whether in the ministry, or short/long-term missions. Mainly operating out of New York, with satellite schools in Korea, Africa, and Souteast Asia, Mahanaim offers prospective students an educational experience and pastoral training that is relevant to our times, and grounded in the roots of Bible-based theology.

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